Yoga with Tamara

Balance of body and mind

The benefits of yoga for body and mind are proven. It doesn’t matter if you practice it every day or want to finally try yoga during a relaxed holiday – we have a space for you that is made for yoga. The lake wakes up with the morning sun rays, the atmosphere is calm and it calls for meditation. If you already know yoga, a lakeside terrace is available. If you need a guided workout, we have the right person for you!
Joga na Jasni
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Supanje na Jasni

Supanje on Jasna

Balance training

Our alpine beach offers plenty of opportunities for lazing and relaxing, but at the same time requires a certain amount of activity. If you made an ascent to one of the peaks early in the morning, you more than deserved a drink and dessert. Swimming in Lake Jasna and SUPanje are available for all water cats. We offer the latter in the form of a course, and a loan is available for connoisseurs. Warning: checking the stability on the SUP does not preclude swimming in the lake! 🙂

e – cycling

No effort to natural beauty

Kranjska Gora is known for its well-maintained cycling routes. For longer trips, we recommend renting an e-bike, which will easily reach even more remote corners of the region. Visit the Belopeška lakes on the Italian side or climb Vršič or Tromeja without much effort. Spend a wonderful day in nature and at the same time stay rested enough for evening socializing.
e kolesarjenje na Jasni
Digitalna detoksikacija na Jasni

Digital detoxification of Jasna

The best way to remove stress

The basis of all modern detoxification and wellness programs is turning off your digital gadgets. Treat yourself to a complete disconnect for at least a few days. Eliminate from your life the stress caused by the need for constant information. Connect with your partner and family, completely relax and enjoy the magic of the present moment.

Sports programs

Active during free time

The choice of sports activities is great. Depending on your availability and fitness, you will easily choose the right one for you. The hills call hikers, mountaineers and climbers. Cycling is also popular in summer, including e-bikes. In winter, Kranjska Gora is a center of winter sports. Fitness exercises and body shaping exercises, however, do not know the seasons. If desired, the programs are conducted under the guidance of personal trainers and mountain guides.
Pohodi v okolici Jasne
Čiščenje telesa in energetsko čiščenje

Body cleansing and energy cleansing

Good for the body is good for the spirit

Current programs include extensive knowledge of healthy eating. Modern programs to improve well-being include: fasting with natural juices, forest baths (according to the Japanese concept of shinrin yoku), hugging trees and barefoot walking, exercises at energy points. Special breathing techniques and transcendental meditation are best for calming and rebirth. Some programs can also include the youngest, one of the most popular is alpine yoga. All programs are run under the guidance of nutritionists, yoga teachers, meditation and personal growth.

Getting to know nature

Playful discovery of the
meaning of man’s connection with nature

Most of us spend too little time in nature. The environment, as offered by Jasna, enables getting to know plants, animals, forest, mountains, rivers and lakes (picking forest fruits, medicinal plants, observing birds and animals, fishing…). We can offer an introduction to survival in nature or organize family adventures in nature and group games. Scouting evenings with lighting a fire and baking food, talking by the fire and singing by the guitar are popular. A special experience is a hike in the dark – with flashlights or by torchlight. The implementation of the safe program is ensured by the leadership of scouts and mountain guides.

Spoznavanje narave na Jasni