Snowy slopes

Kranjska Gora has been a synonym for the most popular Slovenian ski resort for years. Ski lifts and ski runs stretch at an altitude of 800 m to 1215 m. The entire area offers 6 chairlifts and 13 ski lifts to take you on adventure. An additional advantage of the Kranjska Gora ski resort is the exceptional accessibility and diversity. Ski instructors are always happy to help beginners.

Smučanje Krajnska gora
Tek na smučeh

Cross-country skiing

White plains

The well-prepared and carefully maintained route stretches on 40 kilometers. From the center of Kranjska Gora to Zelenci and to the Tamar valley. There are also cross-country trails in Mojstrana and Zgornja Radovna. The most physically demanding is the path from Rateče to Tamar with 260 meters of ascent. IF you will still have too much energy in the evening, go for a night run on the illuminated track behind the Hotel Kompas in Kranjska Gora.

Winter walks

Hike to the natural beauties

The snowy landscape certainly has its charm. You can choose a hike along paved paths, to popular destinations such as Krnica, Tromeja, the Tamar Valley or Lago di fusine or put on snowshoes that allow unimpeded movement all over the snow. Go on a daily or night adventure. With a headlamp and snowshoes you can explore the snowy wildernes and admire the sunset or full moon.

Zimski sprehodi na Jasni
Sankanje na Jasni

Sledding and night sledding

Fun descent down the slope

Awaken your inner child and take the off-road vehicle to the top of the hill! Enjoy the nature rushing past you. Sledding is an almost forgotten activity suitable for the whole family, but it makes so much fun. A special experience is night sledding, when you drive along the well-kept and illuminated paths in the light of torches!

Ski touring and ice climbing

Untouched nature at your fingertips

Do you know the feeling, when you go skiing on untouched snow? In Kranjska Gora and its surroundings we find the most popular touring and ski destinations in Slovenia: skiing from Mojstrovka, Kotovo sedlo or behind Cmir. We can adjust the tour to your experiences and condition.

Adrenaline junkies have to beat Lucifer at least once in their lives. We are not talking about the devil this time, but about the icy waterfall in Gozd Martuljek. Beginners can try themselves in the Mlačca gorge in Mojstrana. The ice-climbing center offers security, guides and equipment rental.

Turno smučanje

Curling in Planica

Team spirit always wins

Curling is a great way to recreate, socialize and learn new skills. It is a team game on ice, players try to get their stones as closer to the center of the target on the other side of the ice rink. The ice curling track is located in the snow tunnel in the Planica Nordic Center, where the real winter conditions prevail from April to the end of autumn, with an internal air temperature of around -2 ° C. The track is not just for competitors – gather a team (up to 8 people) and book your appointment.

Getting to know nature

Discover the meaning of man’s connection with nature

We do not spend enough time in the nature. The Jasna environment offers exploring plants, animals, forests, mountains, rivers and lakes (picking forest fruits, medicinal herbs, observing birds and animals, fishing …). We offer you an introduction to survival techniques in the nature or organize family adventures and group games. Light a fire and grill some food. Chating by the fire and singing with a guitar accompaniment is also popular. A special experience is a hike in the dark – with flashlights or torchlights. Leading is ensured by the leadership of scouts and mountain guides.

Spoznavanje narave na Jasni