Team building on Jasna

Fun socializing for greater success

More and more business leaders understand the importance of employee interconnectedness. Encouraging understanding, camaraderie and knowledge among co-workers has a long-term effect on the good atmosphere in the company. Well-executed team building brings better results to the company, so it is considered the best investment. Make it fun to socialize and better connect your employees.

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Teambuilding na Jasni


Idyllic Lake Jasna: the perfect backdrop for the most beautiful holiday

An event that will remain in your fondest memory. An environment that is the perfect backdrop for your favorite photos. A flawless organization that accompanies a life decision. Comfortable accommodation for wedding preparations and a romantic room for the first wedding night. We will help a couple in love with the organization and implementation. Thus, your special day can be carefree dedicated only to the celebration of love.

Gin in tonic delavnice na Jasni

Gin and tonic
workshops at Jasna

Workshops on the best gin and tonic.

Discover the secret of the growing popularity of gin around the world. The healing alcoholic beverage is the basis of many cocktails, and one of the most popular is definitely the gin and tonic. Delicious and refreshing, it offers different versions of the preparation depending on the choice of gin and tonic. A special stamp is given to it by various accessories. In the workshop, you will learn which gin is combined with a particular type of tonic. Which jar to choose, how to decorate it and which accessories best match a particular brand of gin.