Cross-country walk with torches

We organized a night hikes with bio torches for groups of friends or family (by prior arrangement). The most popular is the hike from the Jasna Lake to the center of Kranjska Gora, which includes also a walk through the narrow streets of our most beautiful alpine village. The walk ends in the Alpine Village where you can be rewarded with a hot tea or mulled wine. We can also organize longer hikes all the way to the Tamar Valley. This trip is the most beautiful at full moon.

Observing the stars

Observing the surroundings is very special during the night – if there is a complete darkness or if the night is in the moonlight. The absolute darkness is perfect for nocturnal animals and for us – nocturnal observers. The ideal conditions for observing the stars are created since the light pollution from the Pad plain does not reach Jasna and we can also organize the explanation of the astronomer. You can watch the stars comfortably from your balcony or from the lookout tower by the lake.

Ice skating

Kranjska Gora and its surroundings offer plenty of possibilities for winter activities. One of the most popular ones is ice skating. Head to the ice rink in the square in Kranjska Gora. Evening skating is especially romantic. Parents can go skiing while the children go to the ice rink and hang out.  The one with the most beautiful panorama is in front of your apartment; Jasna Lake, which serves as a natural ice rink in winter.

Drsanje na jezeru Jasna
Apartmaji na Jasni in kip Kozoroga Zima

In the company of Capricorn

Nocturnal animals wake up and mysterious shadows dance around the lake when it gets dark. This is the right time to read some fairy tales with your family and lay under the stars. Bring your favorite book, sit next to Capricorn and enjoy family gatherings. Young and old children can finish a pleasant gathering by the fire, roasting marshmallows and drinking hot tea.

Advent next to the Jasna Lake

Holidays and celebrations are an important tradition in Jasna. Kranjska Gora is the most beautiful in December, because it is illuminated with holiday lights. During Advent, we also try to decorate Jasna Chalet Resort and its surroundings. We suggest you to adopt your own Advent tree – choose a tree by the lake and decorate it with wooden or paper ornaments that you brought with you or make them with us and your vacation will leave a festive feeling in your heart forever.