It’s time for a fairy tale.

It’s time for a winter fairy tale in Jasna.

Alpine Bubbles winter restaurant at Jasna Lake in Kranjska Gora 

While evenings are getting colder, warm your hearts alongside your family and friends enjoying the view of duck families landing and sliding on frozen waters of Lake Jasna in Kranjska Gora. Spend some time with your loved ones sipping on bubbles of sparkling wine embraced by winter nature, but staying warm and cosy. It’s time to make the most of the changing seasons in one of our signature Alpine Bubbles winter restaurant. In the igloo, you will be warmed by internal heating (with an average temperature of warm 18 C, with the blankets), good food, great company and love of Life.

​​​​​​Winter restaurant Alpine Bubbles is a getaway for extended families and friends, an indulgent treat in your very own Alpine Bubble. Winter pods are ideal for socialising with your friends, tasting and sharing good food, private parties and special occasions.

Love & Food have to be shared, not wasted. Book your table or just the whole Alpine Bubble (see special conditions for group bookings), pick a MENU and Talk & Taste, your way.

Talk & Taste in a different way

Our menus focus on thoughtful meaning of “sharing is caring” and communal eating as people did long time ago. Plate-sharing psychology has long been seen as a way to promote bonding: family that eats together stays together, goes the saying. People who break bread together cooperate better. When booking one of our Alpine Bubble, you are welcome to choose a weekend breakfast, an apres-ski brunch or a dinner under the stars experience.

It’s time for friends in a safe bubble

Each Alpine Bubble is for maximum of 10 persons and your stay-time is limited to 1,5 h, while love has no limits at all, therefore spend this time speaking from your heart and smiling from your soul. There is no better app than lunch with friends unplugged! Leave your mobile phones at the entrance and enjoy quality time with your family and friends catching up over good food to be shared, because sharing is caring.

Based on the experience from the first season, you can also rent the igloo for special occasions (engagements, birthdays and other special anniversaries). In case of special individual requests, please contact us beforehand so that we can create an unforgettable surprise and joint experience together.

For closed groups of 10 or more, it is possible to rent one or more igloos, with a joint gathering by the fire – Team buildings, closing dinners at the end of the business year, family celebrations.

For those who would like to socialize in a special way, we recommend booking the last evening slot at 8 o’clock, when the igloo is reserved for you until 10:30 p.m.

Reservations for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are only possible in advance via email to:

Extra offer

Let the igloo in Jasna become a place where you will commemorate one of the most important moments in your life. With an additional order, we can offer you something more:

Life is about creating & living experiences
that are worth sharing. 

Steve Jobs

Every day: 9:00 – 11:00

Lunch and dinner
Every day: 12:00 – 22:00

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fairytale igloo

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Menu Alpine Igloo

Things to expect

Hišna pravila
  • Gostje so dolžni upoštevati hišni red.
  • Apartmaji JCR imajo ves čas pravico preverjati spoštovanje hišnega reda.
  • Če gostje povzročijo škodo na hiši ali opremi, morajo nastalo škodo kriti in plačati izgubo dohodka zaradi povzročene škode.
  • Plačila je potrebno opraviti vnaprej, tudi kadar gostje podaljšajo bivanje.
  • Rezervacijo gost lahko odpove najmanj 14 dni pred prihodom, sicer se zaračuna polno bivanje.
  • Apartmaje se lahko uporablja od 15. ure na dan Prihoda ter do 11. ure na dan odhoda.
  • Odjava (check-out) je do 11. ure.
  • Prosimo, da ne povzročate hrupa od 22. ure zvečer do 8. ure zjutraj.
  • Apartmaji JCR niso odgovorni za poškodbe gostov.
  • Apartmaji JCR niso odgovorni za denar in osebne stvari gostov.
  • Prepovedano kajenje v apartmajih JCR, uredba slovenske zakonodaje UL RS št. 60/07.
  • Nagibanje skozi okna ter kajenje na oknih v apartmajih JCR ni dovoljeno.
  • Prepovedano vsakršno posedovanje ali uporaba mamil, orožja in vnetljivih ali eksplozivnih snovi v apartmajih JCR.
  • Gostje so dolžni biti spodobni in spoštljivi do drugih gostov.
  • Vstop osebam, ki niso gostje apartmajev JCR, ni dovoljen.
  • Iz apartmajev ni dovoljeno odnašati inventarja (blazine, brisače itd.)
  • Za čiščenje tal, miz, obutve, ... ni dovoljeno uporabljati brisač.
  • V primeru poškodb, nedelujoče ali poškodovane opreme v apartmaju, nas prosim obvestite.
  • Stanovanje pustite v enakem stanju, kot je bilo (očiščeno in nepoškodovano).
  • Prosimo, da ob odhodu iz apartmaja Izklopite vse električne naprave (TV, klimatsko napravo, ...) ter luči.
  • Klici v sili:
    - POLICIJA  113
    - GASILCI    112
    - Nujna tel. številka Jasna Chalet Resort: 0038641903090

Želimo vam prijetno bivanje.

Pogosto zastavljena vprašanja

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