Sustainable Vision Jasna Chalet Resort

Jasna Chalet Resort was opened in 2019 and offers complete relaxation in the most prestigious location by Lake Jasna.

We are committed to complete sustainability. The facility was sustainably renovated, and the renovation included recycling existing natural materials, insulating the facility with local sheep wool, and heating with glacial water. As a result, our CO2 footprint is minimal. Landscaping is a sustainable 15-year project in cooperation with the Botanical Garden in Ljubljana, directed by a house landscaper.

During our operation, we have received many awards that show the quality of our work and at the same time raise the expectations of our guests very high.

In the opening year of 2019, Jasna Chalet Resort was awarded for its outstanding contribution to the development of sustainable tourism in Slovenia, and in 2020 the finalist of the most prestigious award SEJALEC for the most innovative tourist products in Slovenia.

We encourage guests and employees to think and be aware of the importance of sustainability. According to higher standards, we take care of health safety, prevention and hygiene. We were among the first to completely bio-disinfect with ozone after each stay of our accommodation.

Jasna’s location is an ideal starting point for hikes or excursions with electric mountain bikes, which are also available with us.

Sustainable strategy is visually communicated throughout the building through inscriptions – it encourages active participation and the realization of set goals and measures, and invites to spread the idea of ​​sustainable vision of Jasna Chalet Resort.

Jasna Chalet Resort’s sustainable vision consists of four areas – management, supply chains, the environment and the community.


Jasna Chalet Resort strives to remain an example in the field of reducing environmental impacts arising from tourism and to make a positive contribution to solving the environmental issues of sustainable tourism.

Jasna Chalet Resort is an example of how to transform the past of a building with an appropriate approach into an inspiring success story. In our day-to-day operations, we are guided by environmental, social and economic responsibility to our guests, employees and the local community.


We are considering how to optimally reduce the negative impacts on the environment, energy and water consumption.

We encourage guests and employees to work in accordance with sustainable solutions and help spread environmental awareness.

Water consumption

  • We regularly monitor water consumption, where we identify major deviations with the staff and determine the necessary measures to reduce consumption.
  • We encourage guests and employees to use water sparingly with signs around apartments and buildings and through direct communication.
  • Employees regularly inspect the condition of apartments and other public areas. In case of leaks or other irregularities in the plumbing system, we respond quickly and fix the problems.

Energy consumption

  • Energy-saving LED lamps are installed throughout the building. We installed sensors for automatic switching on and off of lights in the corridors of the apartments.
  • We encourage guests and employees to turn off the lights and handle heating responsibly with signs around the rooms and direct communication.
  • We regularly monitor various energy sources, where we identify major deviations with the staff and determine the necessary measures to reduce consumption.
  • Replace non-functioning electrical appliances with energy-saving ones if repairs are not possible or not feasible. In case of damage to electrical devices, check the possibility of repair. If it turns out to be ineffective, we decide to buy an energy-saving replacement device. For larger energy consumers, we provide regular preventive inspections, thus ensuring continuous optimal operation.

Responsible waste management

  • Guests and employees at various points around the building are encouraged to properly separate waste with signs next to separation bins installed in apartments and public areas. Appropriate separation in other places (bar, kitchen) is provided by the staff.

  • When purchasing materials for catering, we choose sustainable packaging, we prefer bottles, barrels, aluminum portable cups and paper coffee pots, and we avoid smaller packaging and plastics in general.
  • Waste oils and food that does not belong to the collection of surplus food to the competent charity are collected in Bio tera.
  • The competent waste disposal company takes care of proper disposal and further processing.
  • Waste batteries, printer cartridges and other waste that does not belong to the general separation scheme are separated into containers installed for this purpose and, if necessary, disposed of in appropriate landfills.
  • We have included a large part of ecological cleaners with ecological dosing, which directly measures the amount of required cleaners to the staff.
  • In everyday business, we use paperless communications (e-mail, the web and other communication channels) as much as possible. We use 100% recycled office, toilet and toilet paper.


Community (employees / human rights / local community)

With local providers in mind, we promote local products, services and experiences among our guests, thus actively contributing to their successful business.

We choose the best local products and services for our guests, giving guests a unique experience with a local touch. We share with guests:

  • locally grown food and drink
  • a unique opportunity to access tap water
  • enthusiasm for more environmentally friendly means of transport and hiking; we encourage them to explore the surroundings on foot or by bike
  • information on local providers of excursions and activities in Kranjska Gora and Slovenia.

Employees take care of the realization of the basic vision of Jasna Chalet Resort, so we responsibly manage the personnel policy:

  • by careful selection of all new employees and students
  • regular amendments to labor standards, which enable all employees to work according to the same norms
  • by targeted management and motivation of employees
  • by mutually fulfilling agreed rights and duties

Our goal is to hire the best team and ensure fair pay for the work done.

At Jasna Chalet Resort we are fully committed to upholding the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Our Human Rights and Labour Policy ensures non-discrimination, fair employment practices, freedom of association, zero tolerance for human trafficking, and active community engagement. We prioritize creating an inclusive and responsible environment for our employees and guests, striving to exceed human rights standards. Together, we promote dignity, respect, and fairness for all.

We are aware of the importance of a carefree and safe childhood, so we financially help children in the Godfatherhood project for a better future for children.

As of December 2022, we have achieved the following progress:

  • Installation of additional filters to regulate the discharge of stormwater into Lake Jasna.
  • Installation of gas heaters for additional air heating in the Alpine igloos. This relieved eco-inverters, allowing us to automate defrosting intervals of external units.
  • Installation of Bodhi shelters behind the facility to improve air and environmental purification. After a review by a local landscape expert in November, we plan to preserve almost 40% of the Bodhi trees and plant new ones in November 2023.
  • Green Hug project “Zeleni objem Jasne”, involving the planting of local fruit bushes and adding new native plants during parking area refurbishment.
  • Renovation of the Alpine herb garden and continued care for Maclean’s natural hedge.
  • In the restaurant, we use custom-made buns produced by young bakers with special needs at the Janez Levec Institute; we have expanded this to two varieties.
  • We are in the process of reducing electricity consumption; we divided the connection point into two units, reduced the power of connections, and subsequently optimized costs.
  • The Young Hopes project was successfully implemented and submitted for the 2022 Golden Thread competition (Nagrada Zlata Nit 2022).
  • We have added two new positions for student internships.
  • We have arranged accommodations for employees in Rateče.
  • In a joint project with the Municipality of Kranjska Gora, led by the Institute for Balneology and Climatology at the University of Maribor, we obtained an Expert Opinion for the destination, confirming that the air in the Upper Sava Valley meets the criteria for an alpine climatic resort.

For 2023, we plan to:

  • Continue activities to obtain all approvals for the green winter-summer garden at Jasna and service activities.
  • Promote the Young Talents Jasna project, which we plan to hand over to SRIPT for Tourism to prepare a manual for all stakeholders.
  • Actively work on raising awareness among the Jasna team about sustainable values and the sustainable offerings of Jasna.
  • Actively engage in the local brand project “Vrhunsko.”
  • Reduce orders for food, cleaning products, and consumables from larger orders to weekly ones to control consumption and waste.
  • Find a local farm for the supply of milk and dairy products.
  • Find a farm for the collection of food waste for animal feeding.
  • Continue targeted food consumption during guest breakfasts in the summer; breakfast in pajamas.
  • Install a Finnish sauna with the possibility of use for all apartment guests.
  • Refurbish the parking area; new reinforcement after the winter season.
  • Install charging points for electric vehicle guests in apartment accommodations.
  • Set up an eco-garden behind the facility.
  • Create a space for guest accommodations for grounding in the morning.


This policy is updated and reviewed anually.


Kranjska Gora, 5/7/2023

Hišna pravila
  • Gostje so dolžni upoštevati hišni red.
  • Apartmaji JCR imajo ves čas pravico preverjati spoštovanje hišnega reda.
  • Če gostje povzročijo škodo na hiši ali opremi, morajo nastalo škodo kriti in plačati izgubo dohodka zaradi povzročene škode.
  • Plačila je potrebno opraviti vnaprej, tudi kadar gostje podaljšajo bivanje.
  • Rezervacijo gost lahko odpove najmanj 14 dni pred prihodom, sicer se zaračuna polno bivanje.
  • Apartmaje se lahko uporablja od 15. ure na dan Prihoda ter do 11. ure na dan odhoda.
  • Odjava (check-out) je do 11. ure.
  • Prosimo, da ne povzročate hrupa od 22. ure zvečer do 8. ure zjutraj.
  • Apartmaji JCR niso odgovorni za poškodbe gostov.
  • Apartmaji JCR niso odgovorni za denar in osebne stvari gostov.
  • Prepovedano kajenje v apartmajih JCR, uredba slovenske zakonodaje UL RS št. 60/07.
  • Nagibanje skozi okna ter kajenje na oknih v apartmajih JCR ni dovoljeno.
  • Prepovedano vsakršno posedovanje ali uporaba mamil, orožja in vnetljivih ali eksplozivnih snovi v apartmajih JCR.
  • Gostje so dolžni biti spodobni in spoštljivi do drugih gostov.
  • Vstop osebam, ki niso gostje apartmajev JCR, ni dovoljen.
  • Iz apartmajev ni dovoljeno odnašati inventarja (blazine, brisače itd.)
  • Za čiščenje tal, miz, obutve, ... ni dovoljeno uporabljati brisač.
  • V primeru poškodb, nedelujoče ali poškodovane opreme v apartmaju, nas prosim obvestite.
  • Stanovanje pustite v enakem stanju, kot je bilo (očiščeno in nepoškodovano).
  • Prosimo, da ob odhodu iz apartmaja Izklopite vse električne naprave (TV, klimatsko napravo, ...) ter luči.
  • Klici v sili:
    - POLICIJA  113
    - GASILCI    112
    - Nujna tel. številka Jasna Chalet Resort: 0038641903090

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